Are You Worried About Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge?

Are You Worried About Your Foul Smelling Discharge?

Sometimes, you got stuck with your foul smelling vaginal discharge and you can do nothing about it. Because you do not know what is causing it. Today, I am going to share with you a clinical pearl about this condition. I will take help from a real-life scenario of a young girl who got married 6 months back.

Of course, I am not going to share her credentials. She presented in OPD with complaint of foul smelling discharge from her vagina. She used the words, ‘I have infection and I got it from a dirty pad I used accidentally 15 days back.’ She had otherwise normal gynaecological history. No obvious source of infection was found. Her vaginal discharge was transparent or watery in colour with no itching at all. But the most annoying part was the foul smell that compelled her visiting the OPD. Her periods were regular and without any of disturbances. No associated pain or any other symptoms except for discomfort was present.

Candidiasis, a type of fungal infection caused by Candida albicans was not the case in the current scenario. Candidiasis manifests with curdy white coloured or thick secretions as obviously was not the scene in our scenario. We had to think of something else that caused infection rapid in onset as in our case along with watery coloured discharge. One simple but valuable point in her complaint that was food for thought, was the use of a pad. After what, she suffered this miserable condition. At that time, we had nothing special to go on with our diagnosis. So, we decided to examine her and see ourselves for her complaint discharge.

Abdominal examination was unremarkable. On per vaginal examination with the help of speculum, we found a foreign body near the lips of cervix. That foreign body was the pad she used earlier I.e. 15 days back.

The phenomenon behind the curtain was just some foreign body like a dirty pad that acted as a petri dish for the infection to feed upon and resulted into fully blown foul smelling vaginal discharge condition. We just removed the pad with the help of sponge holder during the examination. Another week of antibiotics cover and the patient was ready to go.

So, foreign body vaginosis is a clinical condition characterised by foul smelling discharge, watery in colour and consistency, and without itching. The main source responsible for this is some foreign body like tampon, condom or pad. If this condition is left untreated, this will progress into foreign body vaginitis which may be bacterial, fungal or viral in origin depending upon the harbouring organism.

How to Treat Foreign Body Vaginosis?

The treatment of this condition is very easy and straight forward. We must eradicate the source of infection which in our case is a foreign body. The infection would settle in a few days along with foul smelling vaginal discharge. We might help with one week of antibiotics cover. That would be useful.

How to Prevent Foreign Body Vaginosis?

This condition is mostly the problem of young females who have little experience with their reproductive era. So, proper advice and guidance may be useful to prevent such embarrassment. Certain points should be kept in mind.
Don’t use internal pad i.e. do not put pads inside the vagina. You may forget about it or sometimes, a piece of it may torn away and stuck inside causing you problems.

Whenever you need, always use new and disposable pads that should be kept outside the vagina.

In a nutshell, all you need is a bit of care and you will be care free.


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