15 Foods For Healthy Skin

15 Foods For Healthy Skin

15 Foods For Healthy Skin

15 Foods For Healthy Skin

Although beauty lies in the eyes but the eyes search beauty in the skin & the healthy skin needs not only putting better on the skin but putting better on plate.
The food on our plate becomes not only the part of our inner body but also the outer fabric of the body. So the healthier the food on our plate, the healthier the skin we have.
When the food we consume doesn’t cope with healthy criteria, we face more problems as outcome. The less attention we pay to what goes in our mouth, the more complexities we face with our skin.
As the beauty products raising high in the market, the value of foods for healthy skin still resides the top in reducing wrinkles, acne production & smoothing the skin etc.
Let’s discuss the foods or natural products that add plus points to the healthy skin.

Green Tea – The Rich Source Of Anti-Oxidants & Anti-inflammation

The green tea is the rich source of anti-oxidants & provides one of the most famous
anti-oxidants “EGCG” (Epigallocatechin Gallate) which reduces redness of skin.
The green tea also lessons the risk of skin cancer.

Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries & Plums – The Source Of

Skin integrity highly depends upon the antioxidants present in the foods which prevent the toxic metabolites from harming the skin & impart health to it. The foods with highest antioxidant contents are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries & plums that
are essential for healthy skin & have plenty of beneficial effects.
Free radicals are formed in the skin form sun exposure which causes membrane damage & antioxidants are present in our body as a defense mechanism to nullify these for a healthy skin.
In fact Vitamin A is necessary for healthy skin & it is present in low fat dairy products & its role as an antioxidant is marvelous. Vitamin A forms the major portion of antioxidants present in natural foods such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries & plums etc.

Walnuts, Salmon, Canola Oil And Flax Seed – The Source Of Essential Fatty Acid

Healthy skin demands essential fatty acids that are responsible for normal membrane integrity & in turn normal membrane acts as a barrier for harmful things to pass through skin & allows only healthiest substances & nutrients to cross through it.
Walnuts, salmon, canola oil & flax seeds are the rick source of essential fatty acids & thus necessary for healthy skin.
Walnuts also impart softness to skin by providing ω-3 fatty acid that increase skin elasticity.

Walnuts – The Skin Softener – The Source Of ω -3 Fatty Acids

Walnuts are a popular skin softener owing to the presence of ω -3 fatty acids & also being the rich source of Cu.
Elasticity of skin depends upon the production of collagen & other basement structural components. Cu mineral enhances the production of collagen & eventually imparts elasticity to skin to make it healthy.

Olive Oil – The Source Of Essential Fatty Acids

Olive oil is also a rich source of essential fatty acids & helps in keeping skin lubricated & looking groom. It imparts liquesce to skin texture & strengthens the skin barrier as a protective mechanism against offenders such as bacteria, fungi, parasites etc. For
healthy live skin, olive oil acts more than providing merely essential fatty acids.
Olive oil also have bestowed with the ability to reduce inflammation so acts as anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant.
Eat Pomegranates & Form Natural Veil
Pomegranates claim to be one of the anti-oxidant rich fruits & have superiority over other rich sources of antioxidants such as green tea, red wine, strawberries, blueberries,
blackberries & plums etc. Healthy skin must be nourished with eating pomegranates or using its scrub as anti-age therapy.
Besides eating, it surface use with scrub helps removing dead skin cells & remolding it naturally. It imparts natural veil for skin defense.
(You may consult for preparing scrub of pomegranates for anti-age therapy.)

Green Vegetables & Peppers – The Source Of Carotenes

The research shows that the carotenoid pigments present in green & yellow vegetables & fruits help in reducing face wrinkles especially around the eyes. The same is for green peppers, rich of carotenes. The carotenoid pigments perform the role of anti-oxidant & decrease the sensitivity of skin towards the sunlight.

Kidney Beans – The Rich Source Of Zn Mineral

The healthy skin possesses high level of healing ability & zinc mineral is required for normal healing process in skin. Kidney beans are the rich source of Zn & grant excellent healing power to skin in making it healthy.

Sunflower Seeds – The Source Of Vitamin E

Skin has to tackle continuously with sun rays during daytime & its layers are laden with vitamin E to protect the harmful effects of sun light. The sunflower seeds are full of vitamin E & impart anti oxidant activity to skin & maintain its healthy state.

Soy & Pea – The Source Of Proteins & Minerals

Hyper-pigmentation is an often coping problem hindering the healthy skin & is due to high exposure to sun light & some genetic defects.
The soy & pea contain a high level of proteins & minerals necessary for the healthy skin & prevents form hyperpigmentation.

Oatmeal – The Source Of Vitamins

The spiked blood sugar level is often associated with enhanced level of hormones (androgens mainly) that is the leading cause of wrinkles around the face. The Oatmeal demands longer time span to digest in the stomach & maintains a steady blood sugar level in the body thus decreases the chances the of hormonal disturbances & also associated wrinkles.
Oatmeal is the source of vitamins & contributory food in lessoning irritation & enhancing healing power of skin.


Yogurt is full of protein essential for normal integrity of healthy skin & imparts beauty to it. A cup of yogurt daily is the iron part of healthy diet for healthy skin.


Chocolates contain a portion of anti-oxidants especially a prototype namely flavonol which protects skin from free radicals.
Chocolates also hydrate the skin thus maintain its texture & if applied topically may temporarily reduce puffiness of skin.
The excess use of chocolates is harmful to reproductive health so keep this in mind.


The anti-age pigment, carotenoids, is richly found in pumpkin & the yellow hue (of pumpkin) is due to presence of carotenoids. This pigment fights against free radicals formed in the skin due to sun light. The pumpkin is also the house of multi-vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C & many enzymes that help in cleansing the skin.


The pure water is essential for healthy & young looking skin as it hydrates skin much
more than any other liquid do even the soup.


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