Tips To Prevent Bad Breath

Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad breath is due to something in the lungs or gastrointestinal tract, or to a systemic infection. Some health problems, such as sinus infections or diabetes, can also cause bad breath. And sometimes it just comes down to what you ate. So what are the tips to prevent bad breath, let’s start!

Tips To Prevent Bad Breath

Do people look away when you talk because of stinky breath coming from your mouth? Don’t get worried anymore! Just follow these tips regularly.

Rinse your mouth after every meal.

Rinsing of mouth after meals washes off the food remnants from teeth which are the substrate for bacteria to grow & causing stinky breath. You can follow rinse remedy i-e dissolve less than quarter of teaspoon salt in warm water or lime & gargle it.

Prevent your tongue from drying as it’s a source of bacteria.

Anaerobic bacteria cause smell by production of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) from the breakdown of sugars and proteins in the presence of dry environment. So drinking of plenty of water prevents bacterial growth & as well bad breath.

Green tea is natural killer of bacteria in the mouth so seek friendship with it.

Nature is the best source especially green tea or natural herbs such as parsley, Aloe Vera and olive etc. Green tea kills the bacteria & parsley provide chlorophyll which sweetens the mouth & keeps it rich with saliva secretion so prevent bacterial growth by reducing dry environment.

Change your toothbrush after a month or so as it’s an ultimate factor for bacteria to grow leading to bad breath.

Using of same toothbrush for long time leads to establishment of bacteria colony which contributes to bad breath.

Avoid chewing toffee as it leads to plaque & is ultimate factor to bad breath.

Occasional eating of stuff like toffee are rich source of bacterial growth in oral cavity especially in children which is a leading factor of bad breath.

Avoid Using Substandard Mouthwashes (Booth sprays)

Frequently commercial mouthwashes contain ingredients such as flavor & color to attract customers. Presence of these substances & also alcohol enhances the harmful effect of anaerobic bacteria by creating dry environment. If you’re to use mouthwash, use a good mouthwash that contains minimum alcohol or alcohol free.

Properly Maintain Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth twice a day. Clean your tongue with a quality tongue cleaner. Avoid using toothpastes with soap as ingredients as it can dry your mouth.

Use Fresh Fruits & Green Vegetables

Apple, celery, cucumber and carrots are the natural mouth cleaners. Such food increases saliva secretion & hinders bacterial growth by a  type of cleaning process is called Auto-Floss.

Consult An Oral Care Expert

Sometimes oral diseases like infections are the causes of bad breath. So see your dentist regularly (after six months).

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