20 Natural Nutritional Boosters

Sex Boosting Foods (20 Natural Nutritional Boosters

Sex Boosting Foods (20 Natural Nutritional Boosters

Sex Boosting Foods (20 Natural Nutritional Boosters)

Sex is one of the most basic human functions that brings pleasure and can deepen feelings of intimacy with your partner besides the important job of procreation. Lack of desire, impotence, erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems can turn a healthy sex life into a low-burning flame quickly. More often you get a bit lackluster and are reluctant to consult about it but it’s not very difficult to kick it out. Some homemade remedies don’t let it difficult to get relieved.

1.     Eggs

Eggs are rich source of vitamin B5 and B6. These act as anti-stress agents & keep the hormones balance in the body. Eggs are considered the sign of fertility and rebirth.

2.     Meat

Meat contains a variety of nutritional factors that are needed for normal healthy sex life. Uninterrupted blood flow is crucial for sex life both for men & women & several factors are responsible for it. L-arginine and carnitine are amino acids found in meat which improve blood flow. Besides, Zinc is also the chief component of meat & plays an important role in fluent blood flow & finally sexual response.

Zinc deficiency in men leads to impotency (erectile dysfunction) so used as supplement in treating it.

Beef, Chicken and fish contain all these essential nutrients that improve blood flow & eventually responsible for sex life.

3.     Oysters

Oysters are well known for their aphrodisiacal (exciting sex desire) properties & are used since long by the experts to treat or enhance sexual desire. It contains compounds that enhance the sex hormones in the body i-e testosterone and estrogen so boost up the libido.

Oysters also contain Zinc so have effects on blood flow (improve blood flow that is crucial for engorgement of tissue in sex response).

4.     Watermelon

Watermelon has marvelous ingredients despite it great water content. The research has shown the vitals found in watermelon than cause dilation of venous vessels in the body & help in erection (Viagra like action). Thus it aids in enhancing sexual drive naturally.

5.     Bananas

Bananas are the second greatest potassium containing food (fig has highest percentage of potassium as natural source), and role of potassium in male orgasm is very crucial. It also contains vitamin B complex which helps in performing each and every body function well.

One of the unique properties of this food is the presence of “Bromelain”, an enzyme which has vital role in male sexual health.

6.     Olives

Since ancient times, olives have been used to boost sexual desire both in men and women. Green olives have been bestowed to aid boosting sex drive especially in men and black olives in women to enhance libido.

7.     Berries (Black Raspberries, Strawberries)

Black raspberries has high content of vitamin C & E that aid in gearing sex desire & also acts as anti-oxidant so keep skin healthy. Strawberries are loaded with vitamin B which is crucial for normal kidney functions that are directly related with strong sex desire.

8.     Chocolates

Dark chocolates contain flavonoid which has been linked to improved circulation. Better circulation is vital for healthy sex life.

9.     Nuts

Nuts like walnuts are rich source of Zinc as well as L-arginine, an amino acid, both have critical role in maintaining blood flow and eventually erectile function. Especially walnuts also contain ω -3 fatty acids (ω-3 fatty acids prevent plaque formation in the arteries).

10.           Chilies

Capsaicin is the ingredient in a chili pepper that makes it hot and has the unique ability to promote the release of chemicals that increase your heart rate and trigger the release of endorphins, which give you a natural high and healthy sex life.

11.           Ginger

This root has worth to munch on as it promotes blood pressure and prevents erectile dysfunction in men.

12.           Honey

Honey is full of boron, a mineral proven to increase testosterone while metabolizing estrogen. Honey has beneficial effects both for men and women equally and boosts sex desire (libido).

13.           Lettuce

Lettuce contains an opiate compound which helps in stimulating the sex hormones in the body so boosts up libido.

14.           Salmons

Salmon are the rich source of ω – 3 (omega 3) fatty acids that prevent atherosclerosis (accumulation of plaque) of the arteries (vessels) in the body that provide fluent and uninterrupted blood flow throughout the body which is also necessary for erection and normal sexual activity.

15.           Arugula

Arugula is a popular ingredient in pasta dishes that satisfies your stomach. Since the 1st century AD, this leafy green vegetable has been tied to boosting sex drive because it is enriched with antioxidants and minerals (like calcium, folic acid and magnesium). These also decrease libido reducing chemicals in the body.

16.           Avocados

Avocados are the superfriuts enriched with vitamin E which has marvelous anti-oxidant property. Besides this, potassium and vitamin B6 are also present which avoid heart diseases and promote better flow and thus healthy sex life.

Avocados are the good source of mono saturated fatty acids that are essential for healthy life.

17.           Broccoli

The research has shown broccoli to contain high percentage of vitamin C, an important vitamin that helps in better circulation to organs and has relative effects in increasing libido especially in females so acts as natural sex booster food.

18.           Asparagus

Asparagus is a source of vitamin B9 (folic acid) that enhances blood level of histamine so increases libido.

19.           Wheat Germs (Whole Grains)

Wheat germs (whole grains) are well known to increase testosterone level in men thus have positive effects in boosting sexual life. High fiber diet also improves digestion which adds plus point for healthy life.

20.           Red Wine (Red Grapes Juice)

The research studies show that drinking moderate red wine actually have a greater sex drive than those who don’t imbibe or who drink white wine. Red wine is famous for its ability to increase blood flow as well as its luscious color. Red grapes juice is an alternate to such drink (especially for religious customs).

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