9 Foods That Reduce Pain (Pain Fighting Foods)

9 Foods That Reduce Pain

9 Foods That Reduce Pain

9 Foods That Reduce Pain (Pain Fighting Foods)

Got some kind of pain or ache? Whether it is sore back or residual ache from tough or tiring work, some super foods are there that augment or add supplements to pain killing treatment. Such right foods have as much power to reduce pain as some sort of medication.  These pain fighting foods have anti-inflammatory properties and have dramatic impact on our bodies in combating pain. You might be surprised to find the list of foods that reduce pain or have anti-inflammatory effects. Read on the foods that should be kept on plate to reduce pain.

1. Ginger

Ginger has wonder properties to reduce sensation of pain and have anti-inflammatory effects as well. It natural effect to combat motion sickness and nausea makes it a wonder root. It powdered form is used in toping pizza and other fast foods so act as stirring agent.

Note: – Ginger has marvelous effect in reducing the menstrual pain so can be as useful as ibuprofen.

2. Orange

Orange has excellent analgesic (pain reducing) effects as this food contains beta-Cryptoxanthin that is an anti-inflammatory agent so acts to cure inflammatory diseases like rheumatic arthritis and other infectious diseases.

Note: – The same Cryptoxanthin is also present in other citrus fruits, veggies like sweet potatoes and cantaloupe etc.

Orange also contains Vitamin C that is an anti-oxidant which links oranges to prevent the onset of cold and other respiratory track infections.

3. Red Grapes

This red hued fruit has marvelous effects in combating pain as it contain resveratrol, a unique compound that have inhibitory actions to stop tissue degenerating enzymes which result inflammation and pain. The research has declared that resveratrol in help in reducing back pain by protecting cartilage damage.

Note: – The same Resveratrol is present in blueberries and cranberries which along with other anti-oxidants has protective role.

4. Salmon

Salmon is famous not only for its taste and but also the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids which are linked to reduce the pain in neck and back due to arthritis i-e arthritic pain. Fish oils are used in research studies to know the pain combating effects of salmon and related foods. It is as useful in reducing arthritic pain as ibuprofen.

5. Coffee

The caffeine present in coffee is helpful in reducing pain due to muscular injury of strenuous work i-e exercised-induced muscular injury.

Note: – The caffeine supplements in other forms besides coffee also share the same pain combating effects.

6. Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are now attracted by the athletes as it turned out that taking a glass of tart cherries juice at least for a week is beneficial in reducing muscular pain after long race or such types of intense athlete work.

This food is bestowed with great pain combating properties as it also reduces the gout pain (a severe type of arthritis that causes inflamed joints and retarded movements due to accumulation of uric acid – a painful condition of the joints).

7. Evening Primrose

Evening primroses are usually available in oil form which has great properties to reduce atopic dermatitis (a skin condition that causes itchy and dry skin), combat rheumatic arthritis pain (rheumatic arthritis – an inflammatory condition of the joints) and other inflammatory diseases.

This food also contains Gamma-Inolenic acid that has anti-coagulant effects so help in preventing drastic effects of cardiovascular diseases.

8. Echinacea and Sage

You got itchy throat? Echinacea is linked to reduce the cold and other respiratory tract infections. This food is used in making sprays for itchy throat that provides relieve and shortens the duration of disease.

Sage shares the same effects in combating respiratory infections and cold relieve. This food also enhances taste besides its curative effects.

Note: – Echinacea is mostly found in supplement forms or used in sprays manufacturing. But sage is easily available on store in various forms to make our recipes tasty.

9. Whiskey

Some studies tell that whiskey is helpful in reducing pain sensations in patients but is totally contraindicated to heart patients.

Note: – Its drastic effects prevent its use as a medicine. It also creates religious problems for some especially for the Muslims.

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