How To Get A Better Sleep?

How to Get A Better Sleep?

How to Get A Better Sleep?

How To Get A Better Sleep? (11 Steps For Better Sleep)

It is very painful when a person tosses during night & remains awake pointing the clock. These days every person is prey to sleep disturbances & all this is merely the stuff of mind. Having a better sleep in under your control more than you might think. Just to follow the sleep schedule, healthy life style & physical activity in your life are the utmost needs to get a better sleep.

Let’s starts with the steps to achieve a better sleep;

  1. Stick to a proper sleep schedule (Establish your internal clock)
  2. Manage for a sleep inducing environment
  3. Go to bed only when you are really tired
  4. Establish a pre-sleep routine
  5. Be free half an hour before sleep
  6. Monitor your diet (Avoid over intake of coffee)
  7. Avoid overnight eating
  8. Do healthy activities during day time
  9. Check for your anxiety & depression
  • Use sleep hygiene to get sleep fast
  • Consult a psychiatrist for your problem

1. Stick To A Proper Sleep Schedule (Establish Your internal Clock)

One of the most importance secret of having good sleep is to establish your internal clock i-e to get into synchronization the body natural sleep-wake cycle. You wake up early in the morning or it is late. Whether you need an alarm to help you waking at time or you open your eyes without an alarm. It’s all about sleep-wake cycle or your body internal clock.

Several factors help in developing internal clock. One of the best strategy for better sleep is to sleep every night i-e don’t miss your sleep at night and avoid day time sleep for long.

Set A Regular Bed Timing For getting better sleep-wake cycle, you must have regular bed timing. You should go bed at the same time every night. Avoid overnight awaking at weekends as it disturbs your rhythms. If you have to change your routine, help your body to change it incrementally i-e gradually in small periods. You may get a sleep 15 min early or late from your regular timing each day and in this way, may adjust your timing again.

Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day Try to wake up at the same time every day without an alarm. If you need an alarm to wake up, try to sleep earlier at night so your body may find proper sleep period.

Make A Habit Of Having Some Rest At Noon For better sleep, daytime rest for an hour or so is the modest way. You may divide your sleep in parts to avoid boring or makeup your lost sleep by having some rest at noon.

Don’t Take Long Rest After Meals If you find drowsiness after meals, leave your couch immediately and don’t get sleep. If you get sleep frequently after meals, you may wake late at night and suffer. To avoid drowsiness, you may engage yourself in some kind of activity like washing dishes, setting clothes for the next day or mild type of walking.

2. Manage For A Sleep Inducing Environment

Better sleep also depends upon your bedroom environment. A sleep inducing environment sends signals to your brain that it is time to wind down and you got a sweet sleep.

Manage For Noise Free Area For having better sleep, you should manage for noise free area. Your bedroom must be calm and cool to allow you to let go day’s stresses.

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable You bedroom must be comfortable enough to get you relaxed. There should be enough space for your body to stretch and turn over during night. You may get better sleep on soft mattress but possibly not on hard surface.  Manage for comfortable bedrooms with proper sleeping apparatus.

Note: – Avoid tight clothing during night as it makes your sleep difficult and retards dreamful sleep.

3. Go To Bed Only When You Are Really Tired

Bedroom should be reserved only for rest. Go to your bed when you are really tired. Avoid eating on your bed and doing any work else like playing, assignment etc. Make your bed really a bed. Bedroom is place to sleep not a couch to spend time.

4. Establish A Pre-Sleep Routine

The research shows that having pre-sleep routine helps a lot in getting better sleep. You may have light study routine like reading one or two pages of some novel (not the course book that make your brain further bored). You may engage yourself in some kind of light activity before going to bed. Writing diary before sleeping is an excellent way to develop pre-sleep routine.

5. Be Free Half An Hour Before Sleep

The habit of going to bed immediately after doing work is not correct and is the cause of disturbed sleep. You should be free half an hour before going to bed as your brain also need time to relax and get free from the whole day ‘s stresses.

If you are in a habit of going bed sharp after working and having sleep on bed while doing some work, this deviates your internal sleep cycle.

6. Monitor Your Diet (Avoid Over Intake Of Coffee)

Diet plays a crucial rule in life and in sleep as well. Take too much junk food make and overtake of caffeine, nicotine (tobacco) may be the source of your sleep problems. Avoid taking of coffee at night as it takes away your sleep and leave you at your bed awakening for long. It also disturbs your sleep pattern. So monitor your diet for your better sleep.

7. Avoid Overnight Excessive Eating

Overnight eating may hinder you sleeping routine as it becomes burden to your stomach. Make a habit to eat at least 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.

Don’t Take Excessive Food Late Night The digestion becomes slow at night and filled stomach proves hard for happy sleeping. So avoid taking excessive food at night.

Also Avoid Going To Bed With Empty Stomach As filled stomach creates problem during night, empty stomach may proves a thorn in happy dreaming. If you find your stomach empty with hunger pangs, you may take a snatch or light foods like yogurt, banana and turkey sandwich etc.

8. Do Healthy Activities During Day Time

The persons with a routine with healthy activities have better sleep than others. You may have morning walk, exercise, gymnastics or some kind of other healthy activities. When you are really tired or exhausted, you get the real benefit of sleep. Better sleep reserves for hard workers.

Note: – The labourers have the most sweet and dreamy sleep after the tiresome day of hard work.

9. Check For Your Anxiety & Depression

Several factors count for sleep disturbances making it worse. You may get afraid of your bed, getting sleep apnea. All this is due to anxiety and depressive disorders that make your life painful. Check for your anxiety and depression and don’t let them overcome you. Make your life busy with some delightful moments. Sometimes, the sleep becomes the reflection of your life.

10.     Use Sleep Hygiene To Get Sleep Fast

You may practice some kind of sleep hygiene to get sleep fast. For example, imagine of some bored picture in your mind send signal to special part of your brain that switches the brain to sleep immediately to get rid of that image.

Take Deep Breaths Firstly close your eyes and then take deep breaths slowly, making each breath deep than the last ones. This helps in getting sleep fast.

Relax Your Body In A Stepwise Manner Try to relax your body in a stepwise manner. Starting from your toes, tense your muscles as much you can, and then release them completely. Try this with other parts progressively and you’ll be in deep dream soon.

You May Practice Yoga For Better Sleep Yoga also proves helpful for achieving better sleep.

11.     Consult A Psychiatrist For Your Problem

Sometimes disturbed sleep is the sign of some hidden disease or disorder of nervous system. If your problem of sleep disturbance persists even after the practice of sleep hygiene and other tips, you should consult your psychiatrist for your problem and get treated.

The following signs and symptoms make a choice to visit medical practitioner. Consider these;

  • Having sleep naps at inappropriate day times.
  • Tiredness even after sleep.
  • Headache associated with disturbed sleep.
  • Difficulty in falling sleep or awaking.
  • Having some sensation in your body especially in your legs, and arm like crawling sensation etc.

If you find some kind of symptom in you since long, you need consultation with your doctor without delay.


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