How To Lose Weight Fast?

How To Lose Weight Fast?

How To Lose Weight Fast?

How To Lose Weight Fast?

Some plans for rapid weight reduction carry increased risk for health so must be monitored accordingly. If you’re one the guys who want to reduce weight, don’t be depressed as you are not alone. Let’s start how to lose weight fast without causing health complications.

1.  Fad Diets

These are the diets which provide satisfaction to hunger without producing excess of calories.

Several form of fad diets are effective in losing weight fast but with precautions as these may result into nutritional deficiencies.

Fad diets are;

  • Plain water diet
  • Cabbage diet (Fiber Diet)
  • Fruit juices diet / Vegetable juices diet
  • Salt free diet

Plain Water Diet

This diet regimen involves drinking of at least 8 cups of cold water at intervals preferably just before taking meals & something edible to reduce weight.

  • Drinking a glass of water just before meal produces the sense of fullness & help in reducing calorie intake through diet.
  • Don’t add any sweetener or something rich with calorie to avoid overfeeding.

(If continue for long, this may results into nutrients deficiency due to loss through frequent urination so must care for nutrients (vitamin) supplement if necessary.)

Cabbage Diet (Fibers Diet)

This diet regimen involves eating high fiber foods such as cabbage to enhance satiety but to reduce calorie intake & also lose weight fast.

Fruits Juices Diet / Vegetables Juices Diet

This diet regimen involves drinking fruits juices or vegetables juices with a single meal a day or with nutrients supplements only to reduce weight.

  • Take a single meal during a day & rest of the time, drink fruits juices or vegetables juices (as it reduces weights by decreasing the toxins from the body & increases the metabolism).
  • Only take fruits juices or vegetables juices through the day with vital supplement but with strict monitoring for nutrient loss (This is not the preferred method of weight loss as it involves great health risks & is compatible in with good health state).

Salt Free Diet

This diet regimen involves taking only salt free diet prepared at home & totally avoidance of dinner or eating out at restaurants to prevent increased water retention within the body & eventually results in reduction of body weight.

  • Salt free means not only absence of table salt addition but also avoidance of salts in preparing food & other foods from market etc.

(This diet involves increased risk for essential salts loss so can’t be observed more than a week or so on.)

2.  Healthy Dietary Habits

Healthy dietary habits are the vital tools to maintain ideal weight of the body & also for weight reduction when necessary. Having view of the habits, one get great help in losing weight & maintain it in long terms. These are;

  • Find out body need for calories
  • Eat less meat & avoid over fat intake
  • Make your eating habits regular
  • Don’t ear over night
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet plan (fiber diet)
  • Avoid often eating fat diet

Find Out Body Need For Calories

Consult your nutritional expert to know about your body requirements for calories & sketch out a plan for a balanced diet intake. Never exceed the diet plan & strictly stuck to it.

Eat Less Meat & Avoid Over Fat Intake

Choose a diet with that contains less meat & more fruits & vegetables. Also avoid fatty foods. This helps in losing weight.

Make Your Eating Habits Regular

Make your eating habits regular & always eat only when you’ve fast for it. Never skip your breakfast as breakfast helps in keeping metabolic rate high & eventually the energy level of the body & reduces craving for more food.

Don’t Eat Overnight

Avoid eating overnight & just before going to bed as it increase the body weight.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water also helps in losing weight as it enhances satiety & decreases calorie intake.

Take Fresh Vegetables & Fruits In Your Diet Plan (Fiber Diet)

You must include fresh vegetables & fruits in your weekly plan for diet as high fiber diet enhances satiety & also helps in losing weight by calorie reduction.

Avoid Often Eating Fast Diet

Avoid often eating fast diet as it disturbs the body metabolism & increases body weight.

3.  Exercise

Exercise helps in losing weight as an additive factor besides calorie reduction.  Always start form a minor task towards the greater one but with punctuality. Aerobic exercises help a lot in losing weight over other ones.

  • Perform exercise involving the whole body
  • Make a habit of running

Perform Exercises Involving The Whole Body

The exercises that involve the whole body like swimming, running, cycling, climbing stairs, playing tennis, running etc. help greatly in losing weight.

4.  Modify Life Style

Life style modification also influences the weight loss & gain in multiple ways such as emotional disturbances can lead to diseases with overeating like Bulimia nervosa seen in girls. So the perfect life style modification helps us a lot in maintaining ideal body weight.

  • Tone in while eating
  • Make a habit to control self

Tone In While Eating

Avoiding eating in haste or running as we’re soundless in that state & do not realize that we consume much more than we need. The same things is when a person over eats emotionally (emotional eating).

So counter this aspect by practicing “eating” mindfully. This helps in losing weight.

Make A Habit To Control Self

The efforts of losing weight mainly depend upon the regularity & observation of the habits which determines whether success would be achieved or not. So practice to conquer self by appointing small target & then gaining it.

5.  Assistant Techniques

The assistant techniques are useful when weight reduction in required immediately or gain physique in models etc. Such techniques are;

  • Liposuction (Fat modeling)
  • European body wrap
  • Lipase body wrap
  • Mineral body wrap
  • Hot body wrap


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